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Selasa, 02 Oktober 2007 - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

Lord do not let us be a temptation to the harmdoing nation, save us through you mercy,from the unbelieving nation.. lord, pour Lord, do not cause our hearts to swerve after you have guided us. grant us your mercy. you are te embacing give. lord,we believe in you, forgive us our from the Punishment of the fire... our upon us patience make us firm of foot and give us victory against the nation of unbelievers.. my loard i seek refuge with you from asking you of that which i Have no knowledge. if you do not forgive me and have mercy on me i shall be among the losers.. lord give us from your mercy and furnish us with rectitude in our affair.. lord, expand my chest, and ease ny task for me, unloose the knot upon my tongue that they may understand my
speech.. lord,give me from you a good offspring. you hear all prayers.. oh my loar, i seek refuge in you from evil suggestions of the satans. oh my lord,i seek refuge in you lest they attend me My lord, inspire me that i should be thankful for your blessing with which you have blessed me and my parents, and that i may do good works that will please You. admit me, by your mercy, among your righteous worshipers.. our lord,complete our light for us and forgive us. surely, you have power over all things Forgive me,my lord and my parents and whosoever seeks refuge in my house as a believer an the believers men and women alike,and do not increase the harmdoers except in ruin.