married lady would acquire -->


married lady would acquire

Senin, 10 Desember 2007 - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

*You're a beautiful person, and people will relise it. Pass this to
ten people to let them know that you'll always be there for them and
u will have 6 years good luck but if you break the chain you will have
6 years bad luck. *
LEAVE ME A COMMENT PLZ I hv 1,u hv 1,ur mother uses ur father's 1 n ur
aunty uses ur uncle's 1.a married lady would acquire 1.arnold
schwarzenneger hs a long1,michael j fox hs a shotr 1,madonna dsnt hv chinese actually hv short 1s wile d indians usually hv long
u hv 1?how long is ur 1?:-Dwhich 1is ur preferred 1?
ANS : its ur surname, wt else!;-)...dnt think bad.:-D
hv a wondrfl day:)
I LOVE U! ;-) 2day is best friend day. So send this 2 all of ur
friends and me if i am one! If u get 7 back ur truly loved!:-)
Hi,.bitch!what U 're don't know U aftr give me conferstion N what U
like hve stay fuckin lady..and U Know if do U keep fucking bisnis like
a clue bicth Good morning world its a brand new day,
with a kiss n a smile now its cumming yer way..
I hope u have a fantastic day n the sun shines down on u.. Hav xxx G0RJUZZ PEEPS Dnt go fr looks they cn deceive.:)
dnt go fr wealth even dat fades away.:)
go fr some1 who makes u smile:)
cos it takes only a smile 2 make a dark day seen bright.:)
find de 1 dat makes ur heart smile.:)

have a dashing day.Der r moments in life when u miss some1 so much
that u just wnt to pick them frm ur dreams n hug them for real.:)when
de door of happiness closes,another often times we look so
long at de closed door dat we dont c d 1 which has been opened for

have a wonderful day.:)Welcome, its a brand new day..
with a kiz n a smile, now its cumming yer way.. Trouble is part of ur
and if u dont share:)
u dont give the person who loves u:) a chance to love u enough.:)
So share all which pierces ur heart.:)
Love u frnds:)
ganbati bappa morya:)
have a wonderful day Dont be afraid to admit wn u knw ur wrong.its not
a sign of weakness,bt shows character n responsibility.others will
respect u fr dat.alwys do d rt thngs.nvr compromise ur values n
beliefs.evn it means risking ridicule n true to urself.

have a wonderful n dashing day.;) 8-)
Why a man get marry?
cos after death if he goes to heaven he'll feel happy n if goes to
hell he'll feel homely.:-D :-P
Cryn on d cornr,waitn in d rain.i swear i'll
nvr,evr wait again.u gve me ur wrd,bt wrds fr u r lies.darlin in my
wildst dreams,i nvr thgt i'd its tme 2lt u knw..oh!am gonna
hardn my heart,swallw my gonna turn n leave u ere.all of my
lfe i've been waitn fr a feelng,dat nvr,evr feels so clse,bt
alwys disapears.darln, i nvr thgt i'd go bt it's tme 2lt u knw gonna
hardn my heart
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keep me in you'r memory LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST , LEAVE OUT ALL THE
REST hi :-)
frwd dis msg 2 al ur frends dat 'ur so beautiful n nice!ur a gud frend
like da sky!ur ma mornin n nite.if u dnt cm in ma dream,my day doesnt
begin wit a smile!i lv u
if u get dis msg 20 tyms den ur a very gud frend .lv
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Tq bro u are the best plen..
Love just like cought.. cannot be hide,,love just like water,,it'
flows everywhere its want love just like the air,, dats u breath thx 4
u .. u r still my best fren. hai,, nice to chat with u.. she is
perfect.. u r love hepefull in ur life but love cant live in ur heart
without soul i dont ur nice n lovly,keep learning n be wise couse
nothink come twice.. i cant leave u rom wthout commen, but i dun what
asay just keep going.. thx anyway,,