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Free hosting (part-05)

Jumat, 02 Mei 2008 - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

Hehehe Free hosting (part-05) bingung.. Bingung dah, saya aja bingung banget mau hosting dimana karna saking buanyaknya penjelajahanku ke free hosting.. Stelah mendapatkan domain PLAWIRA.COM giliran uber-uber hostingan alhasil jadi tambah bingung. Mau hosting dimana... Tapi dari pada saya simpen aja mending saya publikasikan, siapa tau berguna buat orang banyak. Nih simak ya.
12 Mb. Adframe at top of each page. Browser or FTP uploads. Web-based email account.
URL: '' or ''.
100Mb with unlimited bandwidth. 500kb filesize limit. Ads on pages.
FTP uploads. URL: ''.

Hostars Free Web Hosting
25Mb space and 500Mb monthly bandwidth. Ads on pags. FTP uploads.

5Mb. Ads on pages. URL: ''.
12Mb. Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads. Free web-based e-mail. CGI scripts: counter, guestbook and message boards.
URL: ''.

20Mb. Banner ad on each page. Templates provided. FTP uploads.
URL: ''.

For established web sites. 100Mb with 10Gb monthly bandwidth. Banner ads.
2Mb. No forced ads. URL:''.
Community Architect
12Mb with 512Mb monthly bandwidth. Ads on pages. 256kb filesize limit. Online site builder. Subdomain hosting.
2.5Mb. 500kb filesize limit. No forced ads. Site builder tools.
URL: ''.
200Mb with 10Gb bandwidth. No forced ads. CGI, PHP,
MySQL, CURL, Perl supported. cPanel provided.
20Mb with unlimited bandwidth. Banner ad on each page. FTP or browser uploads. CGI scripts: guestbook and message board.
URL: ''.
For technically oriented sites. 15Mb with 500Mb monthly bandwidth. Ads on pages. Browser uploads. SSI supported. Site building and management tools. Available scripts include guestbook, counter, appointment book, and message board.
URL: ''.
20Mb. Banner ads on pages. FTP and browser uploads. Email forwarding. CGI scripts, CGI-BIN access provided. SSI, PHP, MySQL, ASP, MS Frontpage extensions suppported.
URL: ''.

Application review in signup. 50Mb. FTP uploads.
PHP, MySQL supported. Subdirectory hosting.
100Mb. Banner ad on each page. FTP uploads.
URL: ''.

Home Page Builders
12Mb. Banner at top and bottom of each page. Browser uploads. Web-based site builder.
URL: ''.

250 MB of disk space 100 GB of data transfer, PHP and MySQL support with no restrictions, cPanel control panel
PCI Free Host
12Mb with 512Mb monthly bandwidth. 256kb filesize limit. Banner ad on each page. Email forwarding. CGI scripts: webring, message board, form mailer and counter.
URL: ''.
-300 MB disk space
10 GB Monthly transfer
PHP with MySQL databases
5 Add-on domains
5 Sub domains
PHP Flags manager
FTP account
File manager
Webmail, POP3 email
MYSQL, Php MyAdmin.

Wizards of WizardSoul
For a simple web page. Text link ad at top of each page. Web-based builder and messenger system provided.
URL: ''.