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Selasa, 01 November 2011 - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

A German philosopher in the 18th century, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, once said, ” In every man there are adult childishness. ”

If you are classified as a true gaming enthusiast, you should never feel ashamed even though life goes on. Referring to the statement of Nietzsche, it is very reasonable. Yes, play games instead of the dominance of the children. Even an adult who already has a single child is not wrong if still fond of playing games.

The games are online games are thriving. This type of game can be played by many people, at the same time, in separate places.

According to research firm DFC Intelligence gaming, online gaming world market increased U.S. $ 9.6 billion in six years. Now, worth U.S. $ 13 billion. This growth, according to DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole, because the more extensive network of Internet, the penetration of personal computers ( PCs ), and the spread of video game consoles.

In Asia, major markets online gaming in South Korea, China, and Japan. In each country, the money turnover reached U.S. $ 100 million a year.

” Massively Multiplayer Online ( MMO ) is a sophisticated online business model and can reap huge revenues, ” said Cole.

This game can be played in different places and times by many players. These types of games are popular among other sports, racing, and action.

Online gaming business and then spread to the retail industry, particularly the sale of vouchers gaming features. This coupon is a buy-sell virtual model so that users can get certain items.

Zynga, makers of the popular games on the Facebook social networking, on the rise thanks to the game Farmville, Mavia Wars, and CityVille. Last year, Zynga earned record revenue growth up to 392 percent. A fantastic figures.

In 2009-2010, Zynga pocketed net income of U.S. $ 27.9 million from total revenues of U.S. $ 597.5 million. Until the first quarter of this year, the company has gained revenues of U.S. $ 235.4 million. More than 70 percent of revenues depending on the credit voucher Zynga Facebook who bought the players. Until now, the number of active users the company developed the game with a value of U.S. $ 14 billion that as many as 62 million people.

This year ‘s most splashy story in the online gaming market is when Sony’s PlayStation Network hackers burglarized twice in April and June. Lulz Security, hacker group claimed responsibility, taking more than 77 million user accounts PlayStation Network.

Sony does often become easy targets of hackers. That’s because Sony has a very lucrative revenue from loyal customers. The company is headquartered in Japan that claimed at least four times the experimental efforts to detect break-ins of his service games.

So, what about the condition of the gaming market in Indonesia? ” There are still relatively small, but the potential to continue to grow, ” said Heru Nugroho, President Director of Creative Lab’s Telegraph, game maker Nusantara Online.

Gaming market in Indonesia has only reached 7 million people. Slowly, but surely, said Haru, online gaming will become a sub – creative industries are growing along with the typical market. To develop the online gaming industry in the country, he believes the developer needs the support infrastructure, such as the Internet network availability and high-end computers.

” Beyond that, no less important is the support of parents, ” he said. The reason, been suggested to play games just to spend time and eventually forget the lessons at school. But if parents are also avid gaming, gaming industry certainly will never die.