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Kamis, 20 Oktober 2011 - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

As YouTube increasingly developing as one of the destinations to enjoy music, video sharing sites began to make itself more open with the musicians and independent record labels. The goal, of course, to enrich the musical content.

This week, YouTube plans to release a new feature called merch Store that allows users to purchase various merchandise from your favorite artist on the artist's YouTube channel.

YouTube also announced that agreement has been long awaited, namely regarding its cooperation with the global rights body Merlin, which represents about 14,000 independent record label.

This announcement is accompanied by a series of record label deal. August, YouTube has also launched another music page, by adding a list of concerts, songs and playlists similar list called YouTube Billboard Top 100.

" We see YouTube as an overall entertainment destination and the music is the main component of it, " said Chris Maxcy, YouTube partner development platform for music and gaming.

For Google, as the owner of YouTube, this step is part of long-term effort to build the field of music on YouTube in a more robust consumer experience, as well as YouTube and generate money for record labels, both large and small.