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Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011 - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

If you are familiar with my templates ,you will see install this template is very similar .

1,Download template file .

2,Open template file in any word editor you have.

3,To change logo ,find this code :

replace the link in bold to your logo's link .

4,To show your flickr image ,find this code :

and change the user value (in bold) to your Flickr id .

5,To show posts in categories in homepage ,find this code
label1 = "europe";
Title1 = "EUROPE";

label2 = "asia";
Title2 = "ASIA";

label3 = "breakingnews";

label4 = "business";
Title4 = "BUSINESS";

label5 = "entertainment";

label6 = "finance";
Title6 = "FINANCE";

label7 = "travel";
Title7 = "TRAVEL";

label8 = "americas";
Title8 = "AMERICAS";

label9 = "basketball";
Title9 = "BASKET BALL";

label10 = "racing";
Title10 = "RACING";

label11 = "football";
Title11 = "FOOTBALL";

label12 = "swimming";
Title12 = "SWIMMING";

label13 = "gallery";
Title13 = "GALLERY";

label14 = "feature";
Title14 = "FEATURE";
and change value of each label and Title variables to your categories . Position of labels are in picture bellow :

When you finish ,save template and upload it to Blogger .

6,Go to Dashboard ,continue to Page Element .

7,There are many place you can add adverts to . You can click on edit link in Topads,ad125px,sidebarads,belowfeaturead,seconrightads and footerads to insert your ad code (for example Google Adsense...)

8,You can add link to categories using Topcategory widget .Click on edit link in widget and add link to each category in your blog .Link to category has structure :

9,You can add any link you want in FooterLinks and Featurelinks widget .

10,To add video to blog ,click on dailyvid widget and paste your video embed code .Size for video is 300x250

11,Save template and we are done .

Note :
-Like any template of mine ,you need to fill each category with posts to see template in work well condition . If not ,you will see errors .
-You can translate text easily by finding the word you need to translate with search function of word editor .It will lead you to where the text is .