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Selasa, 08 November 2011 - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

We’ve talked a lot at Mastersites about Facebook video marketing and video apps, so it was only a matter of time before we combined all the options into one big list. So here you go, our Mastersites Show Reel of Facebook Video Apps, with a myriad ways you can integrate video into your own Facebook Pages!

Driven by a singular goal to corner the market on this info, yet not so driven that we’re bothering to do our own review and testing of every Facebook video app out there, I've put togethera list of video apps that I think are beneficial for your Facebook video marketing needs.

Our description length for each video app can run from super-short phrase to a long paragraph. The original copy right from their respective Facebook pages is what has been included. I've done my best to create a comprehensive list excluding those that didn't work or had awful reviews - yes, I tested every one of them. Also - I have included some apps that I think you would want to know about but that are not necessarily for Facebook pages and I have indicated those as such.

I've organized the list reverse-alphabetical order (not because I don’t believe in some favoritism, but because I simply want to play with your mind) and have broken them down into the following categories:

To set the Phone Video:

  • Click Save File to set the Phone Video.
  • Run the file you downloaded.
  • After preparation is complete, you are ready to enjoy your first phone call.