Standard Facebook Emoticons -->


Standard Facebook Emoticons

Jumat, 24 Juni 2016 - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

Icon Name Code
Facebook smiley faceSmiley face
Big smile emoticon for Facebook status, comments and chatBig smile
Facebook sad smileyFrown
Facebook cry smileyCrying
Smiley with tongue outTongue out
Angel smiley for FacebookAngel
Facebook devil smileyEvil
Facebook confused emoticon - WTF SmileyConfused
Facebook wink smileyWink
Facebook Grumpy SmileyGrumpy
Facebook Pacman SymbolPacman
Facebook curly lips emoticonCurly lips
Thumb Up (y) like Facebook emoticonThumb up
Facebook penguin emoticonPenguin
Icon Name Code
Facebook unsure emoticonUnsure
Facebook angry smileyAngry
Facebook mean emoticonMean
Facebook gasping smileySurprised
Facebook squint smileySquint
Facebook kiss smileyKiss
Cheerful emoticon for FacebookCheerful
Glasses smiley for FacebookGlasses
Facebook sunglasses emoticonSunglasses
Facebook shark emoticonShark
Robot Facebook emoticonRobot
Facebook poop emoticonPoop
Facebook Chris Putnam emoticonPutnam